Ceylon Cinnamon Powder from Sri Lanka

Ground product of Cinnamomum zeylanicum/ Cinnamomum verum | Prepared from high quality C4- C5 grade quills | Fresh and natural | Directly ship from Ceylon | Express shipping available

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Cinnamon powder is widely used in daily food items as well as commercial productions. It may give delicious taste to your tea, sweet taste to your bun, or spice taste to your meal.

Ceylon cinnamon Cinnamomum zeylanicum (syn. Cinnamomum verum) is important due to its low coumarin content. It is approximately 1200 times lower than  cassia cinnamon. A person daily consuming sizeable amounts of cassia-type cinnamon, it increases the risk of potential toxicity problems.

Ceylon cinnamon does not exceeds Daily Tolerable Intake (DTI) of coumarin and safe for daily use. Uses of Cinnamomum zeylanicum may lowering or actually removing this coumarin related risk.

True Ceylon Spice’s ground cinnamon is prepared using C4-C5 grade pure cinnamon products naturally cultivated in Sri Lanka. Our ground product does not contain any admixture. We guaranteed this ground cinnamon product provides exact cinnamon taste and aroma of high quality Ceylon cinnamon sticks.

  • Pure Ceylon cinnamon powder. Prepared using quality Ceylon cinnamon sticks shown in images.
  • Not Cassia, Genuine True Ceylon Cinnamon                          (Cinnamomum verum / Cinnamomum zeylanicum)
  • Organically grown in Sri Lanka.
  • 100% Natural product.
  • Chemicals free. Weedicide never used. No preservatives.
  • Direct sale from origin. No Admixture.
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  • Product Type : Spice/ True Ceylon Cinnamon Powder (Ground cinnamon)
  • Grade: : Grinned cut cinnamon
  • Packaging: : Packet (Polythene)
  • Origin: : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
  • Shipping: : Worldwide Economy Intn’l shipping (10-35 Days) / Worldwide Express Delivery (5-10 Days)
  • The item will ship within 2-5 days after payment


  • In powder form, spices are more vulnerable to spoilage.
  • The flavour and aroma compounds are not stable and will quickly disappear from ground products.
  • The storage life of ground form is much less than for the whole products.
  • Easy to contaminate the ground spices by adding other material. (We guaranteed, our products are admixture free).


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5 reviews for Ceylon Cinnamon Powder from Sri Lanka

  1. Osman

    Material received. Found good.. The actual result will update after using it. Happy with your service.

  2. Jagdeep

    Hello friends,

    When i got this website …the first thing came into mind that they will deliver or not… but frankly they did the job well delivered the original product. Great . Thanks.

  3. Naila Jacob

    Hi, thank you very much. I have received cinnamon and powder, both are extremely good. Willing to request your products again. Thanks a lot.

  4. Jaturavit

    Thank you very much for your Ceylon Cinnamon. It’s a good quality, I love it very much, Thanks again for your service and a good process.And sure I will use your service again in the future.

  5. Fash (verified owner)

    I ordered to Portugal. They reply to emails well and I received the cinnamon by courier. It takes a little longer because it’s coming from Sri Lanka but the service was great. I really want to congratulate you for your great products and wonderful service, especially Chandana. I highly recommend this company.

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