What are the Health Benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon?

From curing simple ailments such as stomach upsets to complex diseases like diabetes and cancer, the power of Cinnamon can never be underestimated. Although some of these treatment techniques have not been approved by medical boards, several patients have given testimonies indicating success.

Ceylon Cinnamon is supercharged with nutrients. A diet incorporated with Ceylon Cinnamon is rich in Manganese, Calcium, and Iron. Cinnamon is essential in enzyme activation as well as bone metabolism and building of a good structure.

Cinnamon helps in dealing with gum diseases and tooth decay. This is because of its anti-bacterial properties. It gets rid of bacteria that pose danger to your teeth and gums. Cinnamon is therefore commonly used in the manufacture of mints, toothpastes, and mouthwashes.

Control of blood sugar. Research shows that Cinnamon is an important treatment for those with Insulin resistance. This treatment technique is mainly common among Type 2 diabetics. Ceylon Cinnamon is preferred to Cassia Cinnamon because it has lower levels of Coumarin. This compound is very harmful to the liver. Cinnamon oil also contains a compound called Cinnamaldehyde which plays an important role in blood sugar control by reducing the concentration of glucose in blood plasma.

Curing of Candida yeast infections. Candida is known to be resistant to many medications. A mixture of Ceylon Cinnamon and Cinnamon bark oil has been found to cure all strains of Candida. Moreover, the body’s immune system is also boosted.

Depression reliever. Traditionally, it was said that Cinnamon was a good mood enhancer. Studies have now found some truth to this. Cinnamon works by eliminating bacteria found in the gut. Since even good bacteria may be removed, it is advisable to eat fermented food or drink a probiotic after consuming Cinnamon. This replenishes the body with good bacteria.

Cinnamon can be applied in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. Although this has not been entirely proven, researchers have pointed out that Cinnamon may assist in the reversal of the changes that occur in the brains of patients.

Protection from viruses. Studies assert that Cinnamon is able to fight and control the adenovirus, Herpes, and even the HIV virus. This is due to the presence of compounds such as Eugenol and Cinnamaldehyde in Cinnamon.

Weight loss. By increasing blood circulation, Cinnamon in turn thins blood. An increase in blood flow boosts the body’s metabolism, thereby assisting in the loss of weight. Heart disease patients are also beneficiaries of this property of Cinnamon since some ingredients present in Cinnamon act as anti-clotting agents.

Prevention of Cancer. Cinnamon oil is applied in the treatment of tumors, melanomas, and gastric cancers. Since cancer cells are highly dependent on sugar for survival, controlling of blood sugar levels starves these cells. This assists the body in fighting cancer.

Other health benefits include: curing of stomach upsets, repelling of insects, and even lowering cholesterol.

The application of Cinnamon in the maintenance of good health is proving to be a successful venture. However, people should thoroughly consult their physicians before trying out any treatment techniques.

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