Ceylon Green Tea


Ceylon tea implies any tea planted and produced in Sri Lanka. The country was known as Ceylon until its commonwealth. Ceylon tea is a well-known product in the whole world.

Rich soil and tropical climate in the country is allowed to produce high quality tea leaf. Due to cool temperatures, and rainfall pattern, the best tea comes from the central highlands of Sri Lanka.

Green tea is made from the same plant as normal black tea, known as Camellia Sinensis. The processing method is different and the output created as unprocessed, unoxidized and unfermented tea leaves. Green tea makes emerald green colour created when brewing. The product named as ‘Green tea’ accordingly.

Green tea is a one of the less processed tea type. It has slightly higher levels of caffeine compared to black tea. Green tea is good antioxidant and attached ingredients are supports to improve your overall health including improved heart health, blood sugar control, as well as weight loss.

This green tea is prepared from freshly collected tea leaves from central highlands of Sri Lanka (Ceylon). It gives you remarkable taste and a range of health benefits.

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