Ceylon Natural Vanilla Beans | Grade A


Vanilla is the second most expensive spice in the world. It is the only orchid variety that is used as a food additive.

Sri Lanka cultivates Bourbon vanilla or Bourbon-Madagascar vanilla derived from the Vanilla Planifolia species of vanilla orchid. Cultivation are mainly confined as home garden crops.

Vanillin (C8H8O3) is primarily ingredient in Vanilla that responsible for the characteristic flavor and smell. Sri Lankan vanilla contains approximately 1.5% Vanillin content. It offers gentler flavor and smokiness compared to other vanilla varieties.

This vanilla bean pods are collected from central highlands of Sri Lanka and processed carefully to preserve the maximum flavor, aroma and physical appearance. This product offers you gentler flavor and aroma of a world’s best natural vanilla product.

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  • Approximately 7 beans per ounce (28g)
  • 15-20 cm long beans
  • Product Type : Vanilla Bean Pods (Vanilla Planifolia)
  • Grade : A (Gourmet vanilla beans)
  • Moisture : 30% approx.
  • Colour : Dark brown
  • Packaging: : Vacuum sealed bag
  • Origin: : Sri Lanka (Ceylon).
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