Alba Cinnamon

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Alba is the highest grade of Ceylon cinnamon available in the cinnamon market. It is prepared using finest and thin inner bark of Ceylon cinnamon tree. These quills are not exceeding 6mm in diameter. Alba provides the top quality taste of Ceylon cinnamon.

This grade is very rare in the market. If you are looking for highest quality Ceylon cinnamon for your consumption, this is the best place to buy without fake.

Ceylon cinnamon is safe for daily use. It never go beyond the TDI level due to its ultra-low coumarin content (~0.004%). Cassia cinnamon consists of 1200 times more coumarin content over Ceylon cinnamon (~ 5%) and exceeds the TDI limit easily. In 2006, BfR has warned against regular usage of cassia cinnamon, due to its high coumarin content.

We are a Sri Lankan grower of true cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum syn. Cinnamomum verum). With this Sri Lankan website, you have a chance to trustworthy buy fresh Ceylon cinnamon sticks directly from Sri Lankan cultivation. You will receive genuine products from us. Please refer our feedback page for details.



  • Buy real alba cinnamon directly from Sri Lanka (Ceylon).
  • Not Cassia, Genuine Ceylon Cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum / Cinnamomum zeylanicum).
  • Organically grown in Sri Lanka (Ceylon).
  • 100% Natural product.
  • No intermediate sellers. No contamination.
  • Product Type : Spice/ Ceylon Cinnamon/ True cinnamon
  • Grade: : Alba
  • Size: : 125 ± 10 mm Quills
  • Origin: : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
  • Shipping: : Worldwide Economy Intn’l shipping (10-35 Days) / Worldwide Express Delivery (5-10 Days)
  • The item will ship within 2-5 days after the payment


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