Four Types of Cinnamon

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Cinnamon is a valuable spice. Ceylon cinnamon rated as fourth most expensive spice in the world. There are few varieties of cinnamon sells in the international market under the title of ‘Cinnamon’.  Following information will help you to get a idea to keep true cinnamon product in your cupboard.

01. Ceylon cinnamon


Name:Ceylon cinnamon
Other names:True cinnamon, Pure cinnamon, Sri Lankan cinnamon, Mexican Cinnamon, Sweet cinnamon
Scientific name:Cinnamomum verum,
Cinnamomum zeylanicum
(old Latin name)
Growing countries:Native to Sri Lanka (80-90% of production),
Seychelles, Madagascar, India
Major Buyer(s):USA, Europe
Initial Products:Bark, Bark oil, Leaf oil
Flavor of bark:Mild Sweet
Pros.:Ultra low Coumarin levels, 
Softer and subtle taste

02. Chinese cassia


Name:Chinese cassia
Other names:Cassia, Chinese cinnamon, Tung Hing
Scientific name:Cinnamomum aromaticum,
Cinnamomum cassia
(old Latin name)
Growing countries:China (Major production),
Major Buyer(s):UAE
Initial products:Bark, Oil
Flavor of bark:Strong
Pros.:Widely available,
Cons.:High Coumarin levels

03. Vietnamese cassia


Name:Vietnamese cassia
Other names:Saigon Cinnamon, Vietnamese cinnamon
Scientific name:Cinnamomum loureiroi
Growing countries:Vietnam
Major Buyer(s):USA
Initial products:Bark, Oil
Flavor of bark:Much stronger
Pros.:Strong spicy cinnamon taste,
High levels of oil content
Cons.:High Coumarin levels

04. Indonesian cassia


Name:Indonesian cassia
Other names:Korintje Cinnamon, Padang cassia, Batavia cassia, Indonesian cinnamon
Scientific name:Cinnamomum burmannii
Growing countries:Indonesia (Native to Sumatera–Java region)
Major Buyer(s):USA
Initial products:Bark, Oil
Flavor of bark:Strong
Pros.:Spicy Cinnamon flavor,
Cons.:High Coumarin levels

Ceylon cinnamon is the most expensive and rare variety. Sri Lanka holds monopoly of international Cinnamon trade that supplying 80-90% of true cinnamon to the market. It widely use to produce many types of  types of cinnamon liquor (whiskey), cinnamon rolls, cinnamon candy, cinnamon toast crunch in sweet production industry. Cinnamon gives range of health benefits including treatment for diabetes. Ceylon cinnamon is important for such as situation due to its ultra low coumarin content, a naturally occurring liver toxin in all Cinnamon which is harmful to human body in longer use.

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