Tips to Buy Ceylon Cinnamon Online

Buy Ceylon cinnamon online with this tips will ensure you to get high quality Ceylon cinnamon comes from Sri Lanka.

Cinnamon is a spice recognized as the third most essential in the world following Pepper and Vanilla. Among the brands of Cinnamon, Ceylon Cinnamon is hailed with the title “true Cinnamon” for its distinctive and superior characteristics which have also made it the market leader in the international trade market of Cinnamon. In fact, Ceylon Cinnamon holds the trade monopoly of the global Cinnamon market, claiming for 80%-90% of global market share.

Ceylon Cinnamon is known for its unique sweet and aromatic flavour and its distinctive mild aroma which has caused it to be widely used in food and perfumery industries. Apart from that, buyers over the globe who are aware of the medicinal value of Ceylon Cinnamon opt to buy those instead of inferior brands of Cinnamon such as Cassia, regardless the latter being cheap and commonly available. Out of all its products, Ceylon Cinnamon quills are extremely popular and high demanding among the Cinnamon buyers around the globe for the form of these quills are unique and native to Sri-Lanka.

Cinnamon tender leaf – Home garden in Sri Lanka

When considering means to buy Ceylon Cinnamon; for a buyer, specially who is not a resident in Sri-Lanka, the safest and the smartest way of getting access to Pure Ceylon Cinnamon is to buy it online. If you ask why, it is because Cassia is being sold largely in the name of Ceylon Cinnamon at convention stores and other physical places that you might find in your locality selling Cinnamon. Even when you are buying Ceylon Cinnamon online, if you did not know how and what exactly to look for, chances are high that you might get mislead.

Therefore, we would like to give you some little tips which would help you get the true and pure Ceylon Cinnamon that you have been wanting to buy.

Buy it from Sri Lanka

First, since it is “Ceylon Cinnamon” which grows exclusively in Sri-Lanka, your online vendor shall be Sri-Lankan based. Some may say that they are grown in some parts of other countries, but then they can hardly be “Ceylon Cinnamon”. So check the vendor’s address to make sure that you are not about to buy Ceylon Cinnamon which is grown in some other part of the world which is yes, hypocritical!

Buy from a trusted seller

Secondly, pick a reputed online vendor. Since these e-Commerce platforms are very transparent, vendors are extremely conscious about their reputation and customer feedback and perception. Therefore, they would not risk their reputation and the client base for anything less than Ceylon Cinnamon if they say they are selling Ceylon Cinnamon. Some sites even offer customer testimonials and experiences which will help you out before you actually buy from them.

Check if seller has own plantation

Thirdly, check if the vendor has their own plantations. It doesn’t matter if the vendor is Sri-Lankan based if they don’t have their Cinnamon plantations and you don’t know from where the Cinnamon is coming from. Usually if they do have their own plantations, they would say that out loud so you are on the safe side.

Consider delivery time

As for the fourth tip, check the time it takes for your package of Ceylon Cinnamon to come to you after you have placed the order online. Shorter the time it takes, better and more fresh the Cinnamon you consume would be. Don’t forget to check the package details; air tight containers are essential when transporting and storing Cinnamon as contamination from air might alter its physical and chemical compositions. Last but not least, see if the vendors are boasting about some sort of certifications they might be having. Since getting such certifications is a long and a troublesome process and because they have cared enough to go through that trouble of achieving it, you might be even safer with such vendors.

So the next time you go buying Ceylon Cinnamon online, these tips would help making you foolproof and soon you will be experiencing that sweet and delicate flavour of Pure and true Ceylon Cinnamon which smells just heavenly. Happy online shopping then!

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