Ceylon Cinnamon Capsules – Making Consumption Easier

Cinnamon accounts for a multitude of products ranging from cinnamon capsules, ground cinnamon to chips, bark and oil and more importantly cinnamon is known for its native and unique form of quills. However, with the advancement of technology and the pharmaceutical industry, a very popular product in today’s international Cinnamon trade market is the Cinnamon capsule!

These capsules offer an easier and smarter way of adding Cinnamon to your diet. Due to low contents of Coumarin, regular use of Ceylon Cinnamon is not hazardous for human health unlike inferior brands such as Cassia. The usual ground Cinnamon or the loose powder might not provide you a uniform dose of Cinnamon as factors such as moisture content affect the amount of Cinnamon in one unit as it gets contaminated with the air. However, once you are consuming the capsule, if the vendor you picked is a reputed one, they usually test these factors before they encapsulate it to make sure that there will be a uniform supply of Cinnamon through each capsule. As appeared in ‘Diabetes Care’ a recent research experiment carried out by Dr. Alam Khan has shown that taking Cinnamon capsules reduce blood cholesterol levels ranging from 13%-26%.

However, there are certain things that have to be given attention when buying Cinnamon capsules. Be aware of the amount of Cinnamon each capsule enfolds because it will affect the due dosage of the capsules. The suggested serving size usually is 6g per day and is best advised to be taken with carbohydrate containing meals. Make sure that the capsule contains no additives or fillers and above all make very certain that what is encapsulated in it is Pure Ceylon Cinnamon because taking inferior brands such as Cassia as capsules regularly will have adverse impacts on your health.

Testimonials of type 2 Diabetes patients worldwide who have been consuming Cinnamon capsules bear evidence to the fact that it actually works and this might also be a reason for the wide popularity it gained shortly after its introduction to the market.

So add Pure Ceylon Cinnamon capsules in your daily diet to stay healthier in an easier, smarter and a less messy way; but natural intakes always recommended over supplements.

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