Sampling of Cinnamon Quills


Consignment: The quantity of packages of cinnamon quills submitted at one time and covered by a particular contract or shipping document. It may be composed of one or more lots.

Lot: All the packages in a single consignment of cinnamon quills pertaining to the same grade.

Defective package: Any package of cinnamon quills not conforming to any one or more of the requirements of this International Standard.

Number of packages to be taken for inspection

Number of packages in the lot (N)Number of packages to be taken (n)
1 to 5All
6 to 495
50 to 10010% of the number of packages
Over 100The square root of the number of packages rounded to the nearest whole number.

Testing of samples and criterion for conformity

All the packages taken for inspection shall be used individually to test for conformity with all the requirements given for this International Standard.

The lot shall be considered as conforming to the requirements of this International Standard if the number of defective packages in the sample tested is less than or equal to the corresponding acceptance number given below.

Number of packages testedAcceptance number
Up to 120
13 to 201
21 to 352
36 to 503
51 to 754
Over 754


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